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"Kozan is the evolution of my personal style that began in the 1990's in Italy where I learned design basics and an international approach to fashion."

Founder Melis Kozan's fashion roots took hold while designing in Italy, and her passion keeps her techniques evolving through each season. With her husband's background in textiles, they created Kozan.

Living a busy life of travel between the U.S., Turkey, as well as fabric markets in Paris and other European cities, Melis found a need for easy but sophisticated pieces that could take her from one continent to another. She wanted to create styles that were chic and polished, but also comfortable enough to wear on the plane for hours.

Inspired by intricate jacquard fabrics and art installations in Paris, Melis created a fun, funky brand. Here you'll find that favorite special item that you can't live without—the friend in your closet you reach for whenever you want to feel your best.
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